DIY Tinting Or Hiring A Professional Tinter: What Is Better?


Window tinting is an upgrade car owner often give to their cars. Window tints are an essential part of every car owner, homeowner, or business owner’s to-do list because they provide security, privacy, and protection against the sun’s harmful radiation. Window tinting in Orlando, FL, for residential and commercial purposes is readily available for those who want it installed on their windows.

However, DIY window film installation is preferred by some people because they say that it’s easier and cheaper. But which one is better? Let these are the pros & cons of each option help guide you in making your decision.

DIY Tinting

It’s affordable and straightforward to use. Window films can be applied by anyone with the right experience and materials. The film kit costs very little, and there are no additional fees. You can install it whenever you have time and can bond with family members if needed.

For busy people, it can be difficult. It would help if you cared to consider your workspace. Window tinting in St. Petersburg, FL, will require ample lighting and a dust-free environment. Window film usage is also covered by window tinting laws, something many people don’t know.

Hiring an Expert

They are efficient and quick, but they also deliver outstanding quality. Window tinting companies provide excellent guarantees. Window tinting professionals are familiar with all regulations and rules.

Hiring experts has its pros and cons. High-quality window tinting can be expensive, so this is an important consideration. This is often true when window tinting is done using advanced technology. A second reason is that not all shops have the right equipment and are well-versed in tinting.

See this infographic created and published by KEPLER Window Films & Coatings for more information.

DIY Tinting or Hiring a Professional Tinter: What is Better?