The Best Ways to Improve Your Car’s Handling

Good-handling cars are fun to drive. It corners confidently, reacts predictably, and provides you control. Even a well-maintained car can lose handling over time. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your driving experience and car responsiveness.

Pay Attention to Base

Since your tires are the only portion of your car that touches the road, they must be good. Get good high-performance tires for your car and driving style. Regularly check tread depth and air pressure to ensure manufacturer recommendations. Uneven tire wear or low pressure can severely impede handling.

Plan a wheel alignment afterward. This ensures that every tire faces the right way, reducing rolling resistance and increasing grip. Misalignment causes premature tire wear and a loose, wandering ride. Alignment improves handling and is affordable.

Suspension Mechanism Maintenance

Tire stability and shock absorption depend on your suspension system. Wearing shocks and struts can cause excessive body roll, making your car appear sloppy and unstable. Try replacing these parts if your car bounces or seems unresponsive. Even highly qualified mechanics can repair struts and shocks, sophisticated suspension systems should be serviced by a professional.

Sway bars can be stiffer for additional control. These bars connect your car’s left and right wheels, reducing body roll when cornering. Since replacing sway bars is more complicated, consult a trusted mechanic, especially if you are new to automobile modifications. Many dependable Auto Repair in Bismark, ND, offer suspension adjustments that are done safely and professionally.

Every Pound Matters

Lightweights are easier to carry. Extra items in your trunk can add weight and limit vehicle manoeuvrability. Clear your trunk of heavy items you rarely tote. Serious performance lovers can remove the spare tire, but they need a roadside assistance plan for flat tires.

Increasing Performance

Drivers who desire the best handling can make more advanced modifications. Stiffer springs and lower ride height may impair ride comfort but improve cornering precision. New brake pads and rotors will improve the car’s handling and stopping capability.  These changes are expensive and may not be suitable for daily driving.  Before making major changes, weigh the pros and cons.

Never Underestimate Your Ability

What’s the cheapest technique to improve car handling? You! Taking a defensive driving course can help you drive more safely and accurately in various situations. Learning how steering inputs, braking forces, and weight transfer interact will help you drive better and maximize vehicle performance.


Having a vehicle that is properly aligned and has tires that are well maintained is the cornerstone of good handling. There are modifications that may be made to your vehicle in order to make it more responsive. A competent driver is the most effective way to enhance performance; consequently, you should not forget about the driver mod.