How are the Car Protective Films Applied?

Only applying a car protection film is not enough. It needs to be applied in the right way to have the full benefits. Here are the steps listed below on how the car films are applied in the right manner.

  • The first step ensures that all the dust, dirt, bugs, and oil stains are removed from the surface. This is done to prevent the accidental entry of contaminants within the surface of the film and the car. The presence of such contaminants can directly affect the appearance.
  • The protection film needs to be applied with enough speed and accuracy. Without this, there will be the appearance of blisters on the surface. Hence, before starting the application process, you must have all the necessary materials with you. Mostly, the materials that are needed are the film, cloth mitts, dishwashing solution, and auto detailing supplies.
  • The hands of the applicant need to be wet with the solution. This is done to prevent sticking of adhesives on the fingers. You may get rid of that gluey feeling but the fingerprints might get left on the surface.
  • Lay the PPF on a clear table and the liner side must be facing the applicant. The liner needs to be removed then and the solution will be applied on the exposed adhesive side. Apply the same solution on the surface of the car also where the PPF will be applied.
  • The film then needs to be carefully pasted on the surface it is intended to. It should rather be carefully put on a slide. The sliding must be done to prevent any air bubbles from getting inside. Any trapped bubble between the surface of the car and the film will make the entire thing look odd.
  • Use a squeegee next to flatten the surface. Overlapping strokes must be used to ensure that the entire solution on the surface is removed. Any bubble present there can also be removed like this.
  • The surface is then wiped with dry cloth mitts and it smoothens out the presence of any excess liquid.
  • If blistering appears, a pin can be used to puncture it.
  • For total adhesion, the squeegee is run over for the last time.
  • It is then kept for drying for 48 hours.

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