6 Hacks for Car Interior Cleaning

Cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle is often a time-consuming task that many people have trouble maintaining due to either not having the right products on hand or not knowing the best ways to speed up the process. This article will go over six car interior cleaning hacks that can drastically speed up your car interior cleaning process and help make your car feel like new again.

Use Dryer Sheets

A lesser-known car interior cleaning hack is to use dryer sheets to wipe the interior surfaces of your vehicle. Dryer sheets not only help remove dust and lint, but they also have a pleasant scent that will make your car smell fresh and clean. Simply wipe them over all the surfaces inside your car that have accumulated dust and other particles for a quick and easy cleaning solution.

Vacuum Regularly

While vacuuming your car regularly seems like an obvious tip for keeping the interior clean, it’s worth mentioning because it’s important. Every time you enter your vehicle, you also invariably track in any dirt and particles that may be on your shoes. Vacuuming is an important part of car interior cleaning as this process helps to remove dirt, dust and other debris from the upholstery of your vehicle and carpet. This can help to preserve the clean look and feel of the interior of your car and can also help to prolong the life of your car’s upholstery and carpet.

Protect Your Upholstery

Protecting your car’s upholstery is also a great way to streamline your car interior cleaning process as well as preserve your car’s value. To protect your upholstery, you can invest in seat covers or throw blankets. Using covers and throws is an easy and affordable way to protect the fabric from spills, stains and dirt. You should also avoid parking your car in direct sunlight where possible, as harsh UV rays can cause unsightly discolouration and even burns to your car’s upholstery. 

Buy a Dashboard Cover

Your car’s dashboard is full of tiny nooks and crannies that can easily accumulate dust. This area of the car’s interior can be particularly difficult to clean due to the polycarbonate material that dashboards are typically made of. The fastest and easiest way around this is to buy a dashboard cover. Dashboard covers not only collect the dust and particles that fall on your dashboard, which can then be easily removed from the cover, but will also protect your dashboard from exposure to UV rays which can cause cracking and fading.

Use a Car Organiser

A cluttered interior can make your car feel dirty and unorganised. This can even be a distraction while you’re driving, as you’re likely to be more focused on mess in your car rather than the road. A car organiser acts as an additional compartment where you can store items and put important devices away when you’re not using them. This will help your car feel cleaner and more organised.