Keep Your Car Intact With PPF

When you own a car that you treasure, you will want to do everything that you can to keep it looking at its peak. However, as you drive it and the weather around you takes its toll, the exterior will lose quality. While you can opt to take it to an auto shop for constant repairs, there is a more affordable and lasting choice you could opt for, known as paint protection film (PPF).

Also called a car’s “clear bra,” PPF covers the delicate paint that covers a car t keep it from getting chipped or scratched by anything that hits it, from debris to other car doors. When residents want paint protection film in Andover, MA, they know that they can trust Automotive Elegance to take on the task. Only using products from XPEL are they able to provide the highest quality PPF around with seven different options, including custom work!

PPF Basics

There are a lot of questions that people have when they bring their car in for PPF services at Automotive Elegance, many being similar to others who came in before them. Thankfully all are simple to answer.

Even though it is mainly used to protect your car’s paint quality, PPF is also used to cover other exposed areas on your vehicle, such as the bumper and headlights. Whenever getting PPF placed, you do not have to do your full vehicle at once, especially if this is not in your budget range.

Automotive Elegance recommends that you start with the areas most likely to suffer, which is typically the front end. Through their most common package, Platinum, this procedure can be done in roughly two days. If you do opt to get your whole car covered, then you can expect it to be at the shop for a bit longer, usually around a week.

Any vehicle can be protected with PPF, but it is urged that you get the task done sooner than later. This is because it only protects your car’s current paint condition and does not cover any pre-existing flaws.

Advantages of XPEL PPF

There is a reason that Automotive Elegance only uses XPEL products, and it is clear to see why. Along with the aforementioned perk of scratch resistance, you can expect the following:

  • Doesn’t Yellow: Over time, a lot of different PPF products can start to look like they are aging as they get dirty. However, XPEL has been tested and proven to have anti-yellow technology that lasts over ten years.
  • Protects Color: Because it acts as a barrier between your car’s paint and the elements around it, you do not have to worry about staining from debris or fading from the sun’s rays.
  • Resale Value: Because your car is protected and will look more flawless even as it ages, you are more likely to get a better deal whenever you go to trade it in or sell it to another person.

Get PPF From Andover’s Finest

As a detail shop considered an XPEL US Dealer of the Year for six years in a row, Automotive Elegance is the best option when you want PPF services done right. They have 18 certified XPL technicians ready to take on tasks from the most minor to heavily personalized. In their 20+ years of work, they have partnered with hundreds of dealerships and auto shops, with quality always staying high.

Along with PPF, Automotive Elegance uses XPEL products for other services, such as window tinting and ceramic coating. They will work on any model of vehicle, from more common brands like Toyota to luxurious such as Porsche. They now even offer PPF services for EVs!

For some people, their car is their livelihood, and they want to keep it looking sharp for as long as possible. With PPF done using XPEL products, that is guaranteed for over a decade. After exploring the several packages offered by Automotive Elegance, contact their shop so you can get a tour of the facility, see how the process works, and get your free estimate.