Why You Should Buy Used Car Parts

When it comes to finding a way to fix a broken car, there are several options that you can consider. But if you want to do your own repairs at home, you can buy new parts or stop by a junkyard and pick up quality used auto parts at a deep discount.

While finding the best method for your car can be difficult, buying used parts can offer you several advantages. Read on for 6 great reasons to buy used parts at a discount from a reputable junkyard. Saving Money
One of the top reasons for buying used auto parts is the money you can save. Used parts are usually significantly cheaper than new car parts. Buying a used car makes the most financial sense, especially for older cars.

Because used parts are often tested by dealers prior to sale, you can be assured that the part will be able to operate your car properly. And since reputable scrap yards sell their parts with limited warranties, you can be sure your part will work properly or your money back.


At Used auto parts, our experts evaluates our selection of parts to ensure they are safe to use and have a useful lifespan. Although you may have heard or read that using used vehicle parts for repairs is always an unsafe and risky bet, this is a common misconception. Properly dismantled and checked used car parts are absolutely reliable for you and your vehicle.


Reusing materials like steel and plastic can reduce the number of polluting resources it takes to repair your vehicle. Since these materials are found in many car parts, reusing these types of parts can reduce the production of additional materials and thus help reduce your environmental footprint.

Installation Assistance

In addition to offering a wide selection of affordable used auto parts, Used auto parts  also offers installation services for a variety of parts. If you’re interested in buying used parts but aren’t sure how to fit your new purchases, let our team of experts help you.

From car wheels to side mirrors, our team of automotive experts can help you safely install your new parts and get you back on the road.

Extensive Selection of Parts

Large, long-established junkyards (like Used auto parts , we’ve been here for almost 100 years) usually have an amazing range of cheap auto parts. Whether you’re looking for a part for a newer vehicle or you need a traditionally hard-to-find part for an older vehicle, chances are you’ll find what you need.

At Ace, we also have connections to several junkyards, both in Minnesota and elsewhere. If we don’t have the part you’re looking for, we’ll do everything we can to help you source it!

OEM Parts Available at Affordable Prices

When it comes to replacing a damaged car part, you probably know that you can order new parts online at a discount. But these parts are aftermarket parts and it can be difficult to determine the quality of such parts as there are many manufacturers making inferior parts cheaply. While they look good on the outside, they are often poorly made and can compromise the functionality or safety of your vehicle.

When you buy cheap car parts from a junkyard, you usually get OEM parts, not aftermarket parts. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and means that the part was created by the manufacturer who originally developed the part for the new vehicle. In most cases, the part is the originally installed component that was removed directly from the vehicle when it arrived at the depot.